Port of Call - Vanuatu is a group of professionals who are passionate about Vanuatu and the marine industry. Our team is made up of experienced individuals who know how to get the job done and have the ability to 'iron out the crinkles' that sometimes occur in the islands. 

We have extensive knowledge of the Vanuatu archipelago and a great rapport with officials, relevant businesses and chiefs around Port Vila and the outer islands. This, coupled with our eye for detail will ensure that your Vanuatu experience will go far beyond your expectations.


VIRGINIA CRAIG - Founder, Yacht Agent

In 2003, I left New Zealand to sail the southwest pacific on a 34ft yacht. We explored Fiji, sailed extensively through Vanuatu, Solomon’s, PNG and then sailed down to Australia. It was from there my love of Vanuatu began. I now had saltwater in my veins and I decided to pursue a career in the yachting industry.

I started with a job at Westpark Marine Chandlery in Auckland. Then I assisted with the delivery of 96ft SY Dharma from NZ - Egypt. This job pushed me beyond my limits and expectations and from there my passion for the ocean and sailing grew. After this fabulous voyage I continued to work as delivery crew on various privately owned luxury vessels which saw me across the Indian ocean many times and throughout the South Pacific and Europe.

During my 'down-time' between deliveries I settled into Vanuatu life and continued to explore all that this amazing archipelago had to offer. Partly to improve my bislama (Vanuatu pidgeon English) I signed up for a few maritime courses at the college in Espiritu Santo, including my captains ticket.

I had planned to start my own yacht services in Vanuatu back in 2006, but decided to carry-on working on boats for a bit longer. Fate led me to meet up with Jess and Sam Bell a few years later as they were forming KYS, I joined them until late 2014 when I left to have my daughter. They worked extremely hard to get the Yachting industry in Vanuatu to where it is today. KYS attracted the majority of the visiting super-yachts and we worked for some fabulous boats, yacht owners and captains. We prided ourselves in delivering the best service available in Vanuatu.

Due to my extensive knowledge of Vanuatu's Archipelago, the and her people, I have often traveled with boats as a guide and loved designing personalised itineraries and experiences. I also helped manage the charter vessel; Island Passage during their years in Vanuatu.

After a year in NZ , the call of my island home was too great and with the encouragement of Jess and Sam and many others in the industry, I returned to Vanuatu in 2018 and formed Port of Call - Vanuatu.

I am extremely excited to be back in the yachting world and look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful island home of Vanuatu.

lukim yu

Virginia Craig


RISU KALOTITI - Guide and Yacht Agent

Risu is an integral part of Port of Call Vanuatu and we are very lucky to have her as part of our team.

Risu has experience working on a range of projects on board the Rainbow Warrior with Greenpeace and smaller charities such as Island Reach and OceansWatch delivering marine conservation and sustainable livelihood projects in Vanuatu.

After seeing the destruction caused by cyclone Pam in 2015 she has set up a coral garden in her village of Pango near Port Vila, Vanuatu and engages with local children to help restore the reefs.

She is also a surf coach for Solwota Sista, a branch of The Vanuatu Surfing Association, and encourages and empowers female surfers to get in the water and realise their potential.

Risu is passionate about marine conservation and has had the opportunity to travel by boat to many corners of the Vanuatu Archipelago

We at Port of Call Vanuatu highly recommend Risu Kalotiti as your Vanuatu guide. Risu is fountain of local knowledge, this combined with her joyful and friendly personality will help to guarantee your time in Vanuatu will be an interesting and very memorable one.


FABRICE BILLANDON - Outer Islands Adventure & Dive Guide

Fabrice has been diving since 2004 and is one of Vanuatu’s most experienced divers. He has his Master scuba diver trainer and instructor certification and is one of the three hydraulic chamber operators and attendants in Vanuatu.

He presently works at Big Blue Dive shop in Port Vila and has been there since 2007.

He traveled as a technical professional diver for Sustainable Reef Suppliers for more than 5yrs - traveling through all outer islands, diving six times a day on most reefs (up to 60m) in Vanuatu’s archipelago.

Below is a reference from the captain of SY Twizzle:

‘Fabrice Billandon recently assisted us as during our two week cruise throughout the Vanuatu Island chain. His is a lovely guy whose friendly and relaxed manner meant he easily integrated with guests and crew alike. He is a very experienced Dive Instructor and is perceptive to both the needs and skill levels of those diving with him. He leads in a calm but quietly confident way, always sensitive to guests’ needs and requirements. His local knowledge and relationships meant interaction with local people, their customs and Islands were carried out respectfully and dutifully. Should we return to Vanuatu I, along with the whole of the Twizzle Crew, would happily welcome Fabrice back on board.’

We have a great portfolio of local guides who specialise in outer island adventures. Their job is to make sure that you have the most memorable experience possible in Vanuatu.
Dive guides are popular with visiting yachts and we can arrange for someone to travel with you throughout Vanuatu and assist above and below water.
Local day workers are available to assist you with boat maintenance or any other temporary position you need to fill.